Prenatal Yoga Classes

During your pregnancy, it’s important to stay physically active. Prenatal yoga is a common method of exercise that can be used to keep you active and relaxed, as well as help prepare you for labor and boost your baby’s health. At Astera Health, we offer prenatal yoga classes for all expecting mothers. We invite you to take a moment to learn a bit more about prenatal yoga and its benefits.

Prenatal Yoga Benefits

Since yoga is more than just an exercise – rather, it can be described as an approach to exercise – it focuses on different kinds of stretches, deep attention to breathing and the mind-body connection (or mental centering). Not only can doing prenatal yoga improve your sleep but it may help minimize your stress and anxiety levels during the weeks leading up to delivery. It can also help decrease lower back pain and nausea and bolster your strength and flexibility in the muscles used most during childbirth. For more possible benefits that prenatal yoga can provide during delivery, check out this article: Prenatal Yoga for Easier Delivery.

Not all the benefits are physical. Many women end up forming deep bonds with the other women during their prenatal yoga classes, which may help them deal with the stress associated with preparing for parenthood. Under the guidance of an experienced and certified instructor, the physical and emotional benefits of doing yoga during your pregnancy can be extremely beneficial.

Safety Guidelines For Prenatal Yoga

You should always take prenatal yoga classes taught by a certified prenatal yoga instructor. If you are taking general yoga classes, be sure to inform your yoga instructor that you are pregnant. Certain types of power yoga may be too strenuous, and it’s important to avoid hot yoga, as it can cause a dangerous increase in your body temperature while pregnant. In general, make sure you stay hydrated, don’t overexert yourself and speak with your provider. Finally, bend from the hips instead of the back, and don’t put pressure on the abdomen. Always speak with your yoga instructor for guidance if you’re unsure.

Our Prenatal Yoga Classes

Our free prenatal yoga classes at Astera are held often and are always taught by a certified prenatal yoga instructor and registered nurse. We focus on teaching you gentle stretches, breathing techniques that can help with shortness of breath, and work on moving your body into different positions that will improve your flexibility and balance. Finally, we’ll help you cool down and relax. No matter your level of previous experience, all expecting mothers are welcome, whether or not you’re a patient at Astera Health. Feel free to bring your own yoga mat; if not, we’ll gladly provide you with one. We look forward to seeing you at one of our classes in Wadena, MN.

Call or text 218-639-3689 to register for our yoga classes.