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Cancer Center

OPENING IN 2025: Astera Health’s vision is to be Your Trusted Partner for Life. This simple yet powerful statement not only guides the way we deliver care to patients but is our North Star as we look toward the future. To best serve our patients in a modern healthcare world that is constantly changing, we are building a cancer center that will add a needed service for cancer patients in Wadena and surrounding communities.

Planning a Cancer Center for Tomorrow

In partnership with CentraCare, the cancer center project will include infusion, radiation oncology, and supportive care which is estimated to cost $23.7 million and will be completed by Summer of 2025. The 15,350 square-foot addition will be added to the west end of the Main Campus. The project will be funded through a tax-exempt loan, as well as a Capital Fundraising Campaign through donations and grants.

Evaluating Resources

Cancer treatment can require weeks or months of tests, radiology, and chemotherapy. Patients are often ill and spending time traveling an hour or more one way each time causes even more stress on the patient and their family. We believe our patients deserve a facility that offers full-service cancer treatment close to home.


Eight private infusion bays will supply chemotherapy.

A linear accelerator is used to provide radiation treatment to cancer patients. There will be a state-of-the-art room added for this treatment to pinpoint radiation to the treatment site.

The six patient rooms will be identical, from the location of the swabs in the cabinet to the examination table. No matter the room, nurses and providers will instantly know the layout, which improves safety, as well as efficiency which allows them to spend more time with their patients.

This new machine, which will be placed on-site, provides detailed pictures of areas inside the body to help detect cancer and evaluate cancer treatment.

The waiting area allows patients and guests to wait in a beautiful open space with floor to ceiling windows. For those patients needing a ride after treatment, an accessible and visible waiting area just inside the vestibule will allow the patient to see their ride arrive.

How to support the Cancer Center project

The Astera Health Foundation has served Wadena and surrounding communities for 30 years, inspiring charitable giving to improve the health of the communities we serve. A philanthropy goal of $2 million is needed to build and meet operational goals for the first three years for our new cancer center. With generous community support, we plan to open our new cancer center in the Summer of 2025.

Tuesday, March 26

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