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Our Volunteers

Astera Health’s goals are best accomplished through the active participation of volunteers that live and work in the communities we serve.

Your Work Makes a Difference

Volunteers are a critical part of Astera Health. Volunteers with cheerful tact, poise, a cooperative attitude, and a conscientious approach will long be remembered by patients, staff, and other volunteers.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Astera, please contact the volunteer coordinator, Kim Beiswenger. You may also use the link below to complete an online volunteer application.

Kim Beiswenger
Astera Health Volunteer Coordinator
Phone: 218-631-7499

415 Jefferson Street North
Wadena, MN 56482


VolunTEEN is a special teenager who volunteers at Astera, giving patients, visitors, and staff a helping hand. The VolunTEEN’s cheerful tact, poise, cooperative attitude, and conscientious approach to their task will be long remembered by the patients, staff, and other volunteers.

Some of the duties and responsibilities of the VolunTEEN include:

  • Delivering flowers and watering plants/flowers in patient rooms when necessary
  • Providing fresh water and beverages to patients and visitors
  • Running errands
  • Spending special time with pediatric patients
  • Talking, reading, or visiting with patients
  • Visiting Swing Bed patients

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Inpatient and Ambulatory Care:

Volunteers in the nursing service area provide an important service to the organization. Some of the nursing service volunteer responsibilities include:

  • Helping with nutritional needs of patients  
  • Helping patients order their meals with food service  
  • Filling water pitchers  
  • Passing meal trays and clearing them when patients are finished  
  • Wiping down trays  
  • Documenting what patients ate and drank and passing information to nursing to chart  
  • Tidy patient rooms and nurse support areas of patient room  
  • Escort swing bed patients to cafe to eat during mealtime if they prefer to eat there instead of their room  
  • Assembling and filling patient care supplies  
  • Inventory rooms after discharges and making sure care supplies are restocked for new admits  
  • Filling nutritional stock daily   
  • Assembling educational binders, 1st time chemo bags, hip binders etc.  
  • Visiting with swing bed or other patients  
  • Escorting patients and visitors within the building  
  • Staying with patient at front entrance as they wait for rides  
  • Activities cart   
  • Patient Calls and call backs (more information to come)  
  • Set up supplies for total joint patient rooms on Mondays and sometimes Wednesdays  
  • Refreshment and water cart for surgical waiting families, infusion services, and inpatients  
  • Laundry Support  
  • Filling blanket warmers  

At home

  • Knitting, crochet and sewing for obstetrics and chemo items  


  • Golf Classic
  • Pink Flannel and Fizz
  • Smoke Out Cancer
  • Blood Drives
  • And more!

Tuesday, March 26

All clinics, rehab, and ReadyCare will open at 10 am