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Safe Place for Newborns

You are not alone. Astera Health provides a Safe Place for your newborn and compassionate, confidential support for you. Don’t wait. We are here to help.

Every baby deserves a home

Astera Health is a “Safe Place” for your newborn and for yourself. A Safe Place means you have the option of leaving your unharmed newborn (up to seven days old) at the emergency room of any hospital or urgent care facility during its hours of operation in Minnesota or an ambulance dispatched in response to a 911 call – no questions asked. No one will be turned away. The hospital will care for your newborn and provide medical attention until your baby is placed in an appropriate home.

At Astera Health, your confidentiality is assured. No police will be called on you, and with the exception of a few basic inquiries, no questions will be asked – not even your name. Simply go to the Astera Health emergency room. Tell emergency room personnel that you want your baby left with a Safe Place.

Don’t wait

When you’re scared, it’s easy to think you are all alone – but you are not alone. There are many people ready and willing to help you. Don’t wait until your baby is born. Wadena County Social Services can connect you with the help you need for yourself and your baby. Ask for the intake worker at Wadena County Social Services at 218-631-7605 or Social Services at Astera Health at 218-631-3510.
Babies left with a Safe Place, and many other children, need a loving home. Would you consider opening your heart and home and becoming a foster parent? If so, contact Wadena County Social Services at 218-631-7605 and ask for the intake worker.


Toll-Free: 800-631-1811

Phone: 218-631-3510

Resources available to you:

Wadena County Crisis & Referral Program

Crisis Center and Referral – OPEN 24 HOURS

Someplace Safe – 24 Hour Crisis Line

Someplace Safe – Wadena Office

Crisis Line & Referral Service

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