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Medical Social Services

Working on the behalf of patients and their families, the Medical Social Service staff at Astera Health is dedicated to providing people with the resources they need to maximize healing and remove obstacles to care whenever possible.

Here To Help

Great care not only focuses on the physical needs of patients but on the emotional and social needs as well. Through extensive training, partnership with providers and staff, and access to services, our professional staff is able to support both patients and families with the social and emotional problems that often accompany injury or illness.

At Astera, our experienced staff can:

  • Arrange home health services
  • Assist in acquisition of medical equipment
  • Assist patients and families with discharge planning
  • Develop treatment goals for your hospital stay and beyond
  • Help determine appropriate health services
  • Provide information on financial resources
  • Provide support to patients with serious or chronic illnesses

If you have any questions, or if the Medical Social Services team can be of any assistance during your time at Astera, please do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.


Toll-Free: 800-631-1811

Phone: 218-631-3510

Tuesday, March 26

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