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Aquatic Therapy

Water has been and remains one of the best environments to regain function regardless of the injury, and Astera Health’s physical therapy staff is proud to provide high-quality warm water Aquatic Therapy.

Program Specifics

With aquatic therapy, swimming is not a prerequisite and all activity consists of exercises performed in the water with therapist supervision or assistance. Patients can perform exercises while utilizing an automated lift chair to lower them in and out of the water. Depending on individual capabilities, patients may also stand or sit on the built-in bench in the water, hold onto the side of the pool, or use a flotation device. The water provides a safe and effective method for healing injuries, restoring patient confidence, and increasing mobility with each completed exercise.

We also offer an aquatic exercise class for expectant mothers who are looking for a way to maintain good overall health during and following pregnancy. This class works to address a full-body fitness education including low-impact aerobic exercise with stretching, strengthening and range of motion activities for the entire body. To learn more or to register for this class, click here.

Insurance Coverage

Consistent with physical therapy, aquatic therapy services are generally covered by most insurance plans; however, our patient financial advocates are happy to discuss any insurance questions you may have. No matter your concern or age, aquatic therapy is an excellent option

To inquire if aquatic therapy may be right for you, call 218-631-7475 in Wadena or 218-548-5580 in Henning, or check with your provider.


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