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Total Hip Replacement

When your hips are stiff or painful, even the most routine daily activities, like walking to the mailbox or getting out of bed, can be difficult. Total hip replacement can help prevent hip discomfort from being part of your daily life. At Astera Health, our orthopedics team uses a less invasive form of hip replacement to help Central Minnesota patients move forward without pain. 

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Total Hip Replacements at Astera Health

During hip replacement, an orthopedic surgeon removes the damaged portions of the hip joint and replaces them with metal, plastic, or ceramic components to create an artificial joint. For most people, a hip replacement can last between 10-20 years, and some last even longer. 

Are you curious about other types of joint replacement? We also offer total knee replacement and total shoulder replacement. 

When to consider hip replacement

Is persistent hip pain limiting your mobility or stopping you from being as active as you’d like to be? The Astera orthopedics team can help you find relief, and we start with nonsurgical options like taking nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or working with a physical therapist. 

Some patients successfully manage hip pain without surgery. For others, their Astera orthopedic surgeon may recommend hip replacement to provide lasting relief. 

How to prepare for hip replacement surgery

From preparing your body for joint replacement to getting your home ready for a safe return after surgery, there’s a lot to learn before having total hip replacement surgery. Astera Health’s Joint Wellness Center, or Joint Camp, is designed for upcoming surgery patients. In this class, our orthopedic providers will educate you about what to expect and you’ll meet fellow patients who can share recovery tips and offer support. 

Learn more in our Joint Camp guidebook for hip replacement surgery. 

Before surgery, be sure any chronic medical conditions, such as diabetes, are well-managed. Arrange for friends or family to help with errands, cooking, and other tasks after surgery. Finally, make changes to your home to ensure you’ll be able to move around easily and safely, including: 

  • Clear walkways of cords, loose rugs, and objects, such as pet toys 
  • Install a raised toilet seat 
  • Install handrails along stairs 
  • Place safety bars and a bench or seat in the shower 

What to expect

At Astera Health, our team performs direct anterior hip replacement. This surgical approach is less invasive than other types of hip replacement. 

After you receive anesthesia, the orthopedic surgeon makes a small incision in the front of the hip and moves the soft tissues out of the way to reach the joint. Unlike other approaches, the direct anterior approach doesn’t require cutting through muscles and other tissues. As a result, you may have less postoperative pain and recover faster than if you’d had a non-muscle-sparing surgery. 

In some cases, hip replacement surgery can affect leg length. Rest assured, your surgeon will do everything possible to achieve the same length on both sides. 

Hip replacement surgery typically takes one to two hours. Afterward, you’ll go to a recovery room and then, a hospital room. You’ll get up, walk within hours after surgery, and typically will go home the following day. 

Recovering from hip replacement

A full recovery from hip replacement can take several months, but within six weeks, you should be able to resume many nonstrenuous daily activities. To help your recovery, be sure to: 

  • Complete physical therapy at home or in an outpatient clinic. 
  • Follow your Astera providers’ instructions. 
  • Manage pain with prescription or over-the-counter medications. 
  • Seek medical help if your hip dislocates or you experience symptoms of blood clots in the leg, such as swelling or non-incision-related pain. 
  • Stay hydrated and eat nutritious foods. 

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