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Laboratory Services

Tests are often an important part of medical treatment. You may need blood, urine, or other types of laboratory testing as part of your diagnosis and treatment plan. You might also need testing for your school or workplace. Regular clinical screenings are also an important part of your preventive health. That’s why when you need lab work, Astera Health laboratory services make it as easy and pleasant as possible. 

About laboratory services at Astera Health 

At Astera, our laboratory services offer both convenience and expertise that you cannot find just anywhere. We have a team of experienced technologists, technicians, and phlebotomists who ensure accurate test results every time. We specialize in reducing anxiety for blood draws, especially for our smallest pediatric patients. 

Laboratory services are on-site at our hospital in Wadena and our satellite health clinics in Bertha, Henning, Ottertail, Sebeka, and Verndale during regular business hours. 

Why you need clinical lab services 

There are many common reasons you might need laboratory services at Astera, including: 

  • Cancer screening 
  • Checking to see if your blood is clotting properly 
  • Genetic testing 
  • Diagnosis of certain conditions 
  • Examining how well your organs are functioning 
  • Looking at whether a medication or treatment plan is working 
  • Pre-employment drug testing 
  • Seeing if your immune system is working properly 
  • Screening for warning signs of certain health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes 
  • Screening for infectious diseases 

Whether your provider recommends lab testing or you want to proactively take charge of your health, Astera makes it easy to schedule the tests you need. 

Tests we offer 

Aster provides blood and urine tests for a wide range of conditions, as well as other types of specimen testing and lab services. Tests for children and adults offered in-house include: 

  • Arterial blood gas (ABG) tests for breathing assessment 
  • Bacteria cultures 
  • Complete blood counts (CBC)  
  • Blood chemistry tests 
  • Blood sugar levels and A1C testing for diabetes 
  • Blood type and antibody screening 
  • Cholesterol and lipid panel testing 
  • COVID-19 testing 
  • Drug screening 
  • Flu tests 
  • Kidney and liver function testing 
  • Pregnancy testing 
  • Prenatal screening 
  • PSA testing for prostate cancer risk 
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV testing 
  • Strep tests 
  • Urinalysis for kidney function 

We also offer many additional tests that are not listed here. Your provider can inform you about additional testing options available, as well as explain your lab test results to you. 

We also offer direct access testing 

Sometimes you may be curious about your health in between your recommended preventive screenings that are covered by insurance. That’s why Astera provides direct access lab testing for patients who would like routine lab work without a visit to a provider first. These tests can help detect possible heart disease, diabetes, thyroid issues, iron or vitamin deficiencies, and other common health problems.  

Unlike provider-ordered testing, direct access lab test results will neither be shared with your provider or billed to your insurance. You do not need a provider to order any of these tests, but you must call 218-631-5224 to schedule an appointment and pay upfront. Testing is performed by trained professionals in compliance with regulatory agencies, ensuring accurate and precise results. 

Direct access lab test results will not be delivered electronically. They will also not become part of your medical record unless you share them with a provider. Laboratory staff will not interpret your results, but we may call you with any critical concerns. Results will otherwise be mailed directly to you within 3-4 business days. You are responsible for any needed follow-up care. 

Learn more about what tests are available for direct access lab testing. 

Need lab tests? Call 218-631-3510 to schedule an appointment. 


Phone: 218-631-5224

To reduce congestion, limit wait times, and ensure proper sanitization between draws, appointments are now required for lab patients in Wadena. Schedule your appointment at 218-631-3510.

Clinic Lab Hours:
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Emergency Lab Hours: 24/7

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