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Wound & Ostomy Care

Chronic, non-healing wounds can affect your daily life and keep you from the things you enjoy. Astera Health can help.

How We Can Help

Astera Health’s certified wound and ostomy nurses (CWON) are trained to address the needs presented by patients with special health issues surrounding wound management. The nurse collaborates with your physician(s) across the continuum of care. Wound and Ostomy nurses provide patient, family, and staff education regarding wound management, prevention of pressure ulcers, support services, dressing selections, and other therapies.

What Is An Ostomy?

An ostomy refers to the surgically created opening in the body for the discharge of body waste. The ostomy patient is dealing with an alteration in body function, requiring both physical and psychosocial adaptation. Care needs for these individuals at Astera include preoperative teaching and help with the selection of the optimal site for the stoma (opening on the abdominal wall) to heal with self-care after surgery. Ongoing care and support are offered by the CWON to assist you in recovery and returning to a healthy lifestyle.

Wounds treated at Astera Health:

Our Certified Wound and Ostomy Nurses at Astera are uniquely prepared to meet the specific needs of patients experiencing wounds and ostomies.

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