Pediatric Rehab

Children are a precious part of our lives, and the rehabilitation therapists at Astera Health believe in keeping them strong and healthy so they can focus on simply being a kid. With warmhearted, personalized care, the therapists offer treatment in occupational, physical and speech therapies, which will be customized to meet your child’s exact needs.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy helps children learn how to participate in everyday activities such as eating, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and performing well at school.

Children might benefit from occupational therapy if they have:

  • An intolerance to certain textures, loud sounds, or movement
  • Behaviors including unexplained tantrums, rigid thinking, and high distractibility
  • Difficulty using two hands at the same time
  • Problems with scanning or tracking the environment with their eyes
  • Trouble eating or refuse to eat most foods
  • Trouble dressing by themselves
  • Underdeveloped fine motor skills such as handwriting, using scissors, etc.
  • Underdeveloped play skills including visual motor

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy helps to increase children’s independence through movement skills and proper balance in all of their activities.

Children might benefit from physical therapy if they have:

  • A habit of walking on their toes
  • An intolerance to tummy time
  • A need for wheelchair mobility training
  • Crawling or walking skills that are not developing
  • Difficulty learning how to jump, skip, or ride a bike
  • Poor balance and support when sitting or standing
  • Trouble throwing and catching a ball

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy helps children find their voice by targeting speech, language, swallowing disorders, and communicating in everyday situations.

Children might benefit from speech therapy if they have:

  • A swallowing disorder
  • A tough time asking and answering questions
  • Difficulty recognizing common items
  • Lack of ability to follow directions with many steps
  • Limited communication with peers
  • Not enough sounds or words when playing or interacting with others
  • Problems with stuttering

Developmental Screening

Our Astera pediatric rehabilitation therapists offer developmental screenings for all children – infancy through adolescence. The purpose of this screening is to identify areas of concern that may need further evaluation. Call us for additional information!


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