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The Astera Health Auxiliary focuses on community health education. Proceeds from fundraisers, such as the annual Holiday Auction, benefit patients of Astera Health through the Wish List Grant program in the areas of patient comfort, patient education, and technology.

Astera Health’s Auxiliary consists of women and men who are interested in supporting our community’s health care system through service and fundraising.

“The feeling and endorphins your body produces
when you volunteer is equal to two martinis!”

– Dr. Dave Hunnicutt

Membership dues:

$10 (active) and $25 (contributing) and FREE to all Volunteers.

Active members can serve in ways best suited to their schedules, anywhere from planning fundraisers, helping with special events or serving as an Auxiliary Board member.

Although we encourage active membership, those who cannot become active members can be a contributing member. This means you will be kept informed of Auxiliary events and are welcome to attend our activities, but will not be called to volunteer.

Meeting Schedule

Meetings are every third Monday at 5 p.m. from September-May at Astera Health.

Where does the money go?

All money raised by the Auxiliary, and all your generous Holiday Auction donations, are used to better serve our patients through equipment purchases, education, or scholarships. In the past several years, we have donated more than $10,000 annually to Astera and its patients, including $25,000 to the new hospital.


In 2013, the Auxiliary gave their first $1,000 annual scholarship. Persons eligible for the scholarship are students entering their second year in a healthcare field with a tie to the AH services area.

Ten Reasons to Join the Auxiliary

  1. A flexible volunteer opportunity! As a CONTRIBUTING member, your financial support is all that is needed. We will keep you updated on events and projects. As an ACTIVE member, we will work with you to tailor your volunteer time and style to fit your needs and those of the Astera Health Auxiliary.
  2. A caring group that notes individual time requirements. This well-established organization realizes that your time is valuable and limited, so we offer a variety of commitments to suit your individual needs.
  3. A great future opportunity. This diverse group is recognized as part of the healthcare team supporting the needs of the hospital and its communities.
  4. An experienced group already in place. Enjoy being part of an established core group of dedicated ambassadors who serve Astera through fundraising and community education.
  5. Financial success with family time. Reap the joy of giving financially to support projects that provide warmth and comfort for patients and visitors.
  6. Location, location, location. We produce positive projects right in your own backyard.
  7. Competitive compensation package. We offer personal growth, camaraderie, and opportunities for lifetime friendships.
  8. Knowing your colleagues by name, while caring for strangers. Neighbors, church members, community leaders, co-workers, and even strangers will benefit from your commitment.
  9. Excellent personal rewards. Feel good and get your endorphins pumping when you volunteer.
  10. Small-town projects with unlimited potential. Our goals are limited only to our vision and creativity!

Auxiliary contact: 

Tuesday, March 26

All clinics, rehab, and ReadyCare will open at 10 am