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Opened March 2023

Our new 125,900 square-foot Astera Health hospital integrates new technology, creates a healthy environment that improves the patient experience and efficiency for staff, and ensures a sustainable future for healthcare in our area. Astera Health will be located on a beautiful new property west of Wadena along Highway 10, bringing greater visibility and physically positioning Astera for future expansion as the needs of patients and the community evolve.

Devoted to Excellence

As the world of healthcare evolves, Astera is committed to creating healthier lives for everyone in our community: We’re not just a hospital – we’re developing the rural health center of the future. Our mission of improving the health of the communities we serve means our focus is on our patients and the community. The vision for this investment is to promote healing for patients and families while introducing new resources in a more private and efficient setting.

Healthcare Today

When Tri-County Hospital was built 50 years ago, inpatient care accounted for 90 percent of our patients, and the facility design reflected that care. Patients expected to stay multiple days and needed the right care and environment for their extended stay. Bringing in better technology and enhancing our practices has led to shorter hospital stays and allows many post-surgical patients to go home the same day. As a result, our inpatients now only account for 13 percent of our care model. This shift means outpatient care is the primary focus.
We believe our patients deserve a facility that is as strong as the communities we serve and reflects the best quality of care they can receive, but the current facility does not meet these expectations. The existing facility, with its disjointed layout offering care in three separate buildings with multiple entry points, is landlocked on four acres and limited in flexibility and expansion possibilities. In response to the changing healthcare climate, Tri-County Health Care, in conjunction with input from patients and the community, has designed a bold and forward-looking vision for the new healthcare center that will serve local communities for the next 50 to 100 years. Welcome to Astera Health!

About Astera Health

Caring for our patients is at the core of what we do at Astera Health. Not only will we devote ourselves to improving your health, but we will be your trusted partner for life.


Astera Health is a private, not-for-profit healthcare corporation committed to providing personalized services that improve the health of the communities we serve. An 11-member volunteer governing board presides over the hospital, which is accredited by the Joint Commission and certified by the Minnesota Department of Health as a Health Care Home. Wadena and the surrounding communities have supported Tri-County Health Care in many ways since 1925, and they are the reason for our success and strength in operations as we move to become Astera Health. Throughout the past 90-plus years of providing this care, we have seen many changes, but there is one has not changed – our commitment to YOU.

Our Name Change: Did You Know?

Astera Health – Proud to be a strong, independent health system.

Tuesday, March 26

All clinics, rehab, and ReadyCare will open at 10 am