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A functioning ear, nose, and throat (ENT) are vital to a person’s overall health. Severe sinus disease, tonsillitis, and ear infections are just a few conditions affecting the ENT region of the human body. Astera Health has partnered with some of the best and brightest ENT specialists. Ethan Kraft, MD, and Kurtis Waters, MD, are visiting ENT surgeons who routinely address issues of the ears, nose, and throat. They have encountered a wide array of ENT issues and can help you breathe easier. This is especially true for thyroid problems, one of the newest ENT services offered by Dr. Kraft.

ENT Services thyroidThe thyroid and its importance

If you are unaware, the thyroid is a special hormonal gland found in the neck. It plays an important role in metabolism and our overall health. Unfortunately, this gland can also become enlarged or develop masses which might require surgical intervention. The American Thyroid Association roughly estimates that around 20 million American citizens suffer from thyroid disease. A large portion of those people are likely unaware of the problem.

“There is no easy way to detect thyroid issues. In some cases, excessive sweating or a flushed appearance might indicate something is wrong, but usually issues with the thyroid are discovered incidentally. We usually find things after a CAT scan or ultrasound.” -Dr. Kraft

Treatment and outcome

ENT Services thyroid
Ethan Kraft, MD

Untreated thyroid issues can lead to health obstacles including weight gain, fatigue, and heart complications. If your thyroid is functioning improperly, it is important to research the topic. Immerse yourself in trusted sources and you may need to consult with an ENT or Endocrine expert. At times even surgery may be necessary.

According to Dr. Kraft, a thyroidectomy doesn’t require much patient preparation aside from taking time off work for the surgery and recovery. It typically takes a week after surgery to recuperate. Thyroid surgery isn’t without risks. Underneath the thyroid is the recurrent laryngeal nerve. If it is damaged during surgery, a patient can develop speech issues and a paralyzed vocal cord.

Astera Health expanded its surgical offerings to include this service because of an ever-present need and the significant impact these procedures have on patients. ENT services do  require a referral from a primary care provider. For an appointment please call 218-631-3510.

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