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In our constant drive for innovation, Astera Health has made yet another investment into the long-term health of our patients. Meet ROSA! A robotic system designed from the ground up to assist in delicate total knee replacement procedures. Designed and manufactured by Zimmer Biomet, the knee system hails as a robotic assistant for surgeons by surgeons. With the opening of the new Astera Health campus, orthopedic surgeon Ben Robertson, MD, will use the ROSA knee system to assist him through his patient’s total knee replacement procedure.

Dr. Robertson

The robot is designed to increase positive patient outcomes from total knee replacement surgery. The ROSA knee system is not fully automated. The surgeon partially guides it, carefully selecting every movement to match the patient’s unique body. The surgical team develops a plan before surgery to ensure a safe and efficient process. Successful procedures completed with the ROSA knee system typically have patients returning to normal life much sooner.


Advancements in surgical technology are a significant part of Astera Health’s constant revaluation of services. Robotics and automated technology are the future, and the addition of the ROSA system is just an example of innovation at Astera Health.

To learn more about this technology and other offerings, visit Information about our unique services and phenomenal providers is only a few clicks away. Also, follow us on social media for regular updates and wellness tips. To schedule an appointment, please call 218-631-3510.

Ben Robertson, MD

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