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ROSA rules!

ROSA rules! In our constant drive for innovation, Astera Health has partnered with Zimmer-Biomet to bring patients across Central Minnesota top-tier orthopedics care. ROSA is a surgeon-assisted robotic system designed from the ground up to assist in delicate orthopedic procedures involving the knee.

Designed and manufactured by Zimmer Biomet, the knee system is hailed as a robotic assistant for surgeons by surgeons. ROSA was fully implemented shortly after the grand opening of the new Astera Health Campus in March 2023. In just a few months, the revolutionary device has helped many patients through a life-altering surgery with pinpoint accuracy. This device makes surgery more accurate by tailoring cuts to the natural curves and bevels of the knee and makes recovery more efficient.

ROSA rules!
Ben Robertson, MD

Words from Dr. Robertson

“The robot is designed to make full-knee replacement a less painful and invasive procedure. The ROSA knee system is not fully automated. It is partially guided by the surgeon with every movement carefully selected to match the patient’s body. Prior to surgery and operation, a plan is carefully devised so each surgery is efficient. Successful procedures completed with the ROSA knee system typically having patients returning to normal life much sooner.

Previously, we measured and placed our components based on the average of all patients. Being able to make subtle adjustments to each patient will allow for better range of motion and stability, and hopefully better outcomes.” – Ben Robertson, MD

ROSA rules, and so do you!

Using new technology can be a little anxiety-inducing. Some may feel having a machine handle a careful incision, rather than a surgeon, is risky. Keep in mind the surgeon never leaves the ROSA knee system. It is not an autonomous device acting on its own. Every aspect of your care is personalized; ROSA allows for a more tailored surgical experience.

To learn more about this technology and other offerings at Astera Health, visit Information about our unique services and phenomenal providers is only a few clicks away. Also, follow us on social media for regular updates and wellness tips. To schedule an appointment, please call 218-631-3510.



The following video shows the ROSA Knee System in action. See firsthand how a team of surgical professionals uses the tool to make surgery even more precise.



ROSA rules!

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Join Astera Health for a joint health event! Learn about nutrition, therapy, and ROSA!

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