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No, a swing bed is not a hospital contraption or bed mounted to the ceiling! It is a Medicare program designed to help you or your loved one recover from acute care in a single facility. A designated inpatient bed can “swing” or be reclassified as a swing bed for those patients in need of that care. Not all healthcare organizations offer this program as the program is designed for smaller rural hospitals. Having access to this service can be a powerful recovery tool for a patient wishing to stay close to home near friends and family.

What is a swing bed?
Astera Health is equipped with large recovery rooms that come with a variety of amenities. Staff members are always available and can be easily contacted.

A common example

An elderly man recently suffered from a stroke and requires specialized care and rehabilitation. His physician has decided to move him to a more appropriate level of care. The patient in question is not well enough to be sent home or may not have enough support at home but does not require a higher-level nursing in the home setting. Instead, a swing bed program allows him to stay in the hospital with access to nursing and rehabilitation services. This convenient program serves as a buffer between the hospital and the home. Additionally, patients do not have to wear a hospital gown; they can wear their own clothes. 

The Swing Bed Program at Astera Health 

Astera Health has a swing bed program to help patients transition back to home life after serious medical intervention. If you or a loved one is recovering from an illness, injury, or surgery, consider utilizing this program at Astera Health. It has existed since the early 1990s, with many patients recovering fully in the comfort of their own community. 

A swing bed is a specialized medical service for Medicare recipients. Talk to your care team about the possibility of swing bed for you or a family member. For more information, visit To schedule an appointment, call 218-631-3510.

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