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What makes a good leader? It’s a question that gets thrown around a lot in my work. It means different things to different people. Some people want a hands-on, traditional management type that runs a tight ship from the safety of a boardroom or office. Others wish for a new-age thinker who grasps workplace performance through unconventional means. Trust falls, and inter-office games are a mainstay for them.

In my daily life, I’ve taken to asking applicants what good leadership looks like from their perspective; it never ceases to amaze the range of answers I receive. Everything from implementing Friday donut day to allowing for open-door conversations about new ideas. What does leadership mean to you? Ask yourself that question sincerely.

Live for others

We need leaders for our organization to flourish and a somewhat uniform idea of what good leadership means to us. At Astera Health, we want those special people that become one with the common goal of helping our patients live healthier lives. This isn’t just a job; it’s a way of life. Work ceases to be just a job to them; it’s a place to use their lifelong accumulation of skills for others. When we get these people in a building with other great leaders, their kindness and professionalism become infectious. They aren’t just the boss. Also, they are another team member that dispenses wisdom from a place of learned experience. They are a resource for us.

Astera Health is searching for several leaders of this nature. We are in the process of filling the positions below:

  • RN Nurse Supervisor
  • Senior Accountant
  • Director of Clinic Operations
  • Director of Marketing and Business Development
  • Supply chain manager

You can find a detailed job description for each role on our careers page. Please apply if you feel you have the qualifications to best serve our patients. We need people like you!

Grand opening

The grand opening of the new Astera Health Campus is almost here! On March 18, 2023, join us for a day of excitement and new beginnings as Tri-County Health Care becomes Astera Health. Every inch of the sprawling medical center highlights wellness, tranquility, and better living.

Jessica Gervenak, HR Generalist

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