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Meet Tim Isaacson

Functioning knees are integral to most of life’s activities. These precious joints ensure our ability to walk, play, stand, and jump. Without them, our mobility is limited or taken away completely. Tim Isaacson struggled with knee pain his entire life. Mobility issues started during his youth. While reflecting on his health issues, Tim recalled running track and falling numerous times due to his knee locking up. This prevented him from pursuing sports further. He remarked about having great speed, but his knee didn’t allow him to compete. It was experiences like this and years of pain that sent Tim on a journey where he eventually got the help he needed. ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement changed his life for the better!

After years of enduring pain and less than successful medical intervention, he decided to make a change and meet with orthopedics specialists at Astera Health. The process was a strongly guided step-by-step routine where Tim felt empowered about his health decisions. Everything was customized to his procedure. After several consultations, he would have his new knee.

ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement and getting a new knee

In June 2023, Tim underwent a total knee replacement. This surgery was completed by Orthopedic Surgeon Ben Robertson, MD, using ROSA navigation.  In only a few weeks following surgery, Tim was off exploring the trails of Minnesota. He was feeling so well he even took a vacation to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement
Tim Isaacson loves exploring Minnesota trails! In a recent interview, he talked about his knee troubles and the road to recovery.

As an avid outdoorsman, Tim loves hiking and can usually be found on a trail or in the backwoods traversing the Minnesota countryside. Being outdoors amongst nature and wildlife is always rejuvenating for him, but these hikes were on the decline due to his right knee. With the surgery and his rehabilitation nearly complete, Tim was able to return to the things he loved with renewed vigor. In around four weeks he was able to return to most normal tasks.

Healing with ROSA

As a former mechanical engineer, the prospect of being a part of a surgery involving a robot was fascinating to Tim. After the surgery, he tried to find out as much information as he could on ROSA and believed his recovery was accelerated by it.

During a follow-up appointment with Dr. Robertson, Tim showed off his progress after only three months. The examination and x-rays indicated Tim was making a stellar recovery. Dr. Robertson was impressed with his incredible recovery but also commented on Tim’s activity level. “It’s not just the surgery, it’s the effort you put into it afterward,” said Dr. Robertson. The surgery shouldn’t be viewed as a cure for knee pain but rather a big step towards improved mobility with less pain. “He’s worked hard to get back to those activities,” Dr. Robertson said after hearing of Tim’s exploits only months after the intensive surgery.

“Now is the time to start the rest of your life.” – Tim Isaacson

ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement
Tim Isaacson meeting with Ben Robertson, MD, during a follow up consultation.

Believe it or not, Tim’s recovery is not unique. Every day people regain their independence after undergoing surgery with the ROSA Knee System. If you find yourself struggling to enjoy things like gardening, playtime with the kids, or simply walking, schedule an initial consultation with an orthopedic specialist at Astera Health. Their combined expertise has changed numerous lives for the better and they can help you too. They will work with you on a plan to get you back to the life you love.

Join Tim on his journey and start the rest of your life. If you’re interested in ROSA Robotic Knee Replacement surgery, call for a consultation at 218-631-3510. Follow Astera Health on social media for wellness tips and updates on events.

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