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Becoming a chiropractor doesn’t make one immune to spinal issues or back problems. Every medical professional understands that self-diagnosis is a dangerous path to walk. To ensure good health, they should be meeting with a trusted provider. This is true for doctors, nurses, and even chiropractors. For the last two years Carissa Mitchell, DC, and Brock Spandl, DC have been assisting the people of Central Minnesota with their chiropractic needs. But what do they do when they have a stiff neck or a sore back? Of course, they visit a chiropractor.

when a chiropractor needs a chiropractor
Carissa Mitchell, DC

Chiropractic care as a chiropractor – Carissa

Carissa is a fun-loving bundle of energy that approaches every new patient with poise and desire to help. She is lucky enough to be married to a chiropractor, so adjustments and exams are regular.

“I’d say I get adjusted at least once every two to four weeks for just maintaining joint motion. I do this more frequently if I’m having an issue or I’m pregnant. I used to have headaches but rarely do anymore because of working with my husband. I don’t typically have any major complaints because of getting adjusted regularly.” -Carissa Mitchell

Advice for others

A visit to the chiropractor can help a great deal, but that shouldn’t stop a person from safeguarding their own health. Carissa strongly encourages her patients to stretch, move, and strengthen their bodies. “It’s better and easier to prevent and maintain than to fix after the fact. Just like it’s easier to change the oil than replace an engine,” explained Carissa.

when a chiropractor needs a chiropractor
Brock Spandl, DC

Utilizing chiropractic for maintenance and sports medicine – Brock

Brock Spandl is always looking for ways to help his patients on and off the field. As a chiropractor and sports medicine specialist, he understands the rigors the human body can go through. He also understands the toll work and play can have on his own health, that’s why he meets with a chiropractor semi-regular for needed adjustments and alignment.

“I try to stay on a pretty regular schedule if feeling OK, once every couple weeks at least. There are times when I have acute flare ups of old injuries that require more frequent visits from time to time. With a previous lower back injury suffered from pole vault in my younger days I have to keep up with my core strengthening at home or I have issues with my lower back. Stretching and exercise help while at home as well.” –Brock Spandl

Occupational stress reliever

Brock is always in a state of movement. When he sees patients, he is often moving around a table stooping, bending, and shifting his body in a way that can lead to back issues. According to Brock, chiropractors having issues related to the back and spinal cord are common, making a trip to the chiropractor a necessity.

Chiropractic care is a great way to bolster better living! Help from Carissa and Brock and alleviate many issues including:

  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Joint pain
  • Low energy
  • Neck pain
  • Poor posture
  • Restless sleep

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